Volume Lashes – Russian Lashes – 3D Lashes

Volume Lash Extension techniques are referred to as Russian Volume or Hollywood Volume. The Russians were the first to invent the technique called 2D-6D Russian Volume to transform a client’s sparse lashes into a luscious dramatic fullness that other extensions are not able to achieve

Tina has fine tuned Russian Volume to create exquisite masterpieces. Her method of applying 2 to 6 extremely thin, soft, light and high quality fan extensions onto one natural lash is unique and will ensure that client’s natural lashes stay healthy as well as looking natural.  The detailed ‘fan’ wrapping/locking technique, helps to achieve better retention, smoother eyelash extensions in the final look and client comfort. This techniques allows for upwards of 200 lashes per eye creating fluffy, voluminous, gorgeous lashes.  For those with sparse lashes, or thinner lashes looking for a fuller voluminous look, this may be your best option.


$285 with Tina

$250 with Jordan

3 week touch ups

$110 with Tina

$100 with Jordan

4 – 5  week touch ups

$175 (must have at least 25% of lashes still extended)

Anything after 6 weeks will be considered a full set. No exceptions.

Please noteWe do not take new clients for outside fills and a removal service may be necessary before applying a new full set


This past year has been a true limit tester as Tina has recently created masterpieces of MEGA Volume 8D -10D Russian Volume for those special events.  Tried and true MEGA Volume was created for a bikini Pro Model competing for National recognition.  Virginia  (IG: virginia_toth) placed first in both Team USA (October 2016) and the Natural Olympia Competition Bikin Pro in Las Vegas (November 2016)  MEGA Volume Lashes are not for the faint of heart, this process is for strong healthy lashes with continual growth.  We will monitor your lashes to make sure MEGA Volume can be sustained.



Up to 3 week touch ups (21 DAYS)

$175 (Up to 1 hour and 45 minutes)

Extra 15 minutes of Mega Lashing Add $25

(Only at the sole discretion of Lash Artist if your lashes can truly handle this much DRAMA!)

 Online scheduling

TRAVEL FEE: Up to 10 Mile Radius $500

Call or Text 424-209-2268 for inquiries.