After Care

After Care
You may shower or get your lashes wet 2 hrs after application (if you do… Please dry them with a blow dryer on cool setting 45 degree angle from below.)

Cleanse daily (baby shampoo is gentle enough but will dissolve debris and bacteria) use a tiny, tiny bit of shampoo and lots of water to make it light and foamy.  Gently apply to lids and lashes and gently work it into the lashes. Rinse and dry.

Brush daily or as often as you may need.

Avoid sleeping on your face, friction is not great for lashes and can cause premature shedding

Don’t pick at your lashes

Avoid oily products and avoid touching them with your fingers ( transfer of bacteria and oil can wreak havoc on your extensions)

Reminder you lashes shed daily (2-5 lashes per day) but because of extensions, you will REALLY notice it more. In about 3 weeks you should have about 50% of lashes still extended if you have more Bravo!!!!
Thanks again!

Recommended Beauty Products

For Individual Eyelash Extensions


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner (***a favorite)

Benefit “They’re Real Push Up Liner” & “Magic Ink Liquid Liner”

NYX Powder Black Liquid Liner

Maybelline “Eye Studio Liquid Liner”

MAC “Black Track Fluid Liner”

Tarte “Precision Long Wear” & “Lights, Camera, Action”

NYC Liquid Liner

Bare Minerals Loose Powder Shadows (Apply with a wet angle brush)

MAC “219” Pencil Brush (helps with control and precision of products)


Kolane Sensitive Eyes Oil Free Make Up Remover

NARS Oil Free Make Up Remover

IDEALLY, any make up applied should be easily removed with a simple foamy soap and water mix (baby shampoo).  Purchasing an acrylic lash brush to work the later into the lashes to remove all dirt, make up, debris, bacteria, and crusties (yes I said crusties) will keep you extensions on longer and lashes healthier!  Don’t forget to mention the fact that you Lash Artist will LOVE you even more!